Curt Tischer

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Curt Tischer

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Can you write me about a bow maker Curt Tischer?

Heidrun Eichler
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Curt Tischer

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Yes, there lived a bow maker with the name Curt Tischer in the time around 1886 - 1946. In 1920 Curt Tischer was noted as being a self-employed instrument maker in Dresden, at Luisenstraße 67. He did an apprenticeship as an instrument maker at the beginning of the 20th century in Richard Weichold's workshop. After this, he worked in the same firm until World War I, primarily as an bow maker. After having taking part in the war and having been seriously injured, he has not employed again by Weichhold. Because of this, Curt Tischer opened up his own instrument shop and finished off a remarkable number of quite good bows, in spite of having an artificial hand. The last address recorded for him was 1943, registering him in the Marienallee. He died in the winter of 1946 in Dresden as a result of malnutrition.
Bows with the stamp C. Tischer Dreden are reminiscent of bows from the Weichhold workshop of the early 20 th century, while still showing a quite individualistic style.
The bows exhibit a remarkably high level of craftmanship and, in addition, are good playing bows.

(from: German Bow Makers 1783-1945: Klaus Grünke. C.Hans-Karl Schmidt, Wolgang Zunterer, ISBN 3-00-005839-7)