Kryptische Abkürzungen

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Re: Kryptische Abkürzungen

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Hi Intune,

For me there's no doubt ''DES'' stands for Desidera!!!
Check out the little engraved triangle on the neck of your REM super DES alto. It comes back on every singel Desidera saxophone i saw, both original and stenciled!
The very typical shaped right hand pinky table, and other details are the same on all stencils.
So ''DES'' standing for Desidera is not just an assumption but a fact!
If you really want to find out which German company built your alto for Desidera & Figli, you should focus on the word ''REM''.
A little advice in general: revealing your thoughts and knowledge will help you forward and keeps the German saxophone legacy alive!


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Re: Kryptische Abkürzungen

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kleine anmerkung

thanks Jos, should focus on the word ''REM''...
i only know Remington (Gun) :shok:

but i will research.