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BeitragVerfasst: Di 28. Feb 2006, 13:23 

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I want to find out more about my "stainerschool" doubbebass and its builder.It was made 1780 according to the label and there are altso a three letter firestamp ; I C H.
I would be more than pleased for informations.

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BeitragVerfasst: Mi 01. Mär 2006, 9:11 

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Johann Christian Hammig I.(sen.) (Markneukirchen), geb.21.1.1732- gest. 27.1.1806 in Markneukirchen. Sohn und Schüler von Geigenmacher Johann Georg Hammig (Markneukirchen). Aufnahme in die Geigenmacherinnung am 22.2.1751. Firma ,,Johann Hammig&Söhne". Er war 2x verheiratet und hatte einen guten Ruf als Kontrabassmacher.- Brandzeichen I.C.H. oder Zettel: Johann Christian Hammig // Music. Instrum. // Neukirchen. 1756 - Johann Christian Hammig II. (jun.) (Markneukirchen), geb.7.6.1765-gest. 7.11.1829 in Markneukirchen. Sein Vater war Johann Christian I. (sen.). Aufnahme in die Geigenmacherinnung Markneukirchen am 26.5.1790. Heirat am 20.11.1791 in Markneukirchen mit Eva Margarethe Kessler, Tochter des Geigenmachers Johann Georg Kessler (Markneukirchen). Johann Christian II. übernahm die väterliche Firma und stellte alle Arten von Streichinstrumenten her. Signum: I C H oder ähnliche Zettel wie sein Vater.

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BeitragVerfasst: Mi 04. Jan 2012, 19:56 

Registriert: Di 03. Jan 2012, 14:45
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What wonderful textbook are you citing here? Nowhere else I have found the information that there were actually two Johann Christian Hammig: father and son, members of the guild in 55 and 39 years respective, with a 23 year overlap. I guess that since
  • the big overlap,
  • the notion of a family business (Johann Christian Hammig&Söhne) and
  • that the son didn't bother to distinguish himself from the father (the text you are citing says he continued the brand mark I C H and used similar labels as his father),
only the general condition and sound/playability distinguishes two I C H instrument from each other, not the actual builder. The brand's reputation thus must then rely on family business secrets?
As it seems I myself has an I C H cello, once bought by my now late father and I am concerned about the burnt-in(?) inside bottom stamp which does not seem all "clean". See the pictures below, have you seen anything like this before?


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